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Lowongan BUMN PT. Pertamina Tahun 2011 (expired : 12 Juni)

Kamis, 02 Juni 2011
BUMN Pertamina sedang membuka lowongan untuk tenaga berpengalaman.
Posisi Yang Bibutuhkan Job Vacancies :
  1. Senior Analyst, Evaluation & Monitoring
  2. Officer, HR Information System & Communication (HRISC)
  3. Senior Analyst, Organization
  4. Senior Analyst, Competency Development
  5. Senior Analyst, HR Audit
  6. Senior Analyst, Industrial Relation
  7. Senior Analyst, Organizational Development
  8. Analyst, Manpower & Career Planning
  9. Senior Officer, Individual Development Program
  10. Senior Officer, Overseas Development Program
  11. Ast. Man. e-learning & Information
  12. Lead Instructor I
  13. Lead Instructor II
  14. Senior Instructor I
  15. Ast. Market Review
  16. Ast. Proficiency Program Sales
  17. Lead Instructor I – HSE TC
  18. Lead Instructor II – HSE TC
  19. Analyst, Planning & Development
  20. Analyst, DSA Ventures Technical Evaluation
  21. Analyst, ERA Ventures Commercial Evaluation
  22. Analyst, MEA Ventures Technical Evaluation
  23. Analyst, Integrated Strategic Planning Implementation
  24. Analyst, Project Performance & Optimization
  25. Analyst, Startegic Planning
  26. Analyst, Upstream Evaluation Growth
  27. Assistant, Audit Subsidiary
  28. Assistant, Data Support
  29. Assistant, Transformation & Quality Management
  30. Assistan Manager, Business Strategic & Evaluation
  31. Assistant Manager, Commercial
  32. Assistant Manager, Operational Risk
  33. Assistant Manager, Strategic Planning & Evaluation
  34. Assistant, Marketing & Contract
  35. Junior Analyst, Gas Marketing
  36. Assistant Manager, Investment & Financial
  37. Analyst, Portfolio Risk
  38. Cementing Specialist
  39. Well Completion Specialist
  40. Seismic Data Processing Specialist
  41. Regional Geologist Specialist
  42. Structural Geologist Specialist
  43. Analyst Opportunities Appraisal
  44. Assistant Manager, New Energy
  45. Assistant Manager Gas Pricing
  46. Analyst Gas Pricing
  47. Building Planner
  48. Civil Routine Planning Engineer
  49. Electrical Engineer
  50. Instrument & Elec Con Mon Engineer
  51. Instrument Engineer
  52. Instrument PM Engineer
  53. Piping & Stationary Engineer
  54. Plan Routine Senior Planning Engineer
  55. PM & CM Planner
  56. RE Con Mon Engineer
  57. RE Engineer Non Process Area
  58. RE Routine Planning Engineer
  59. Rotating Engineer
  60. Scheduling Senior Supervisor
  61. Stationary Engineer
  62. System SAP (MMNH) Expert
  63. Primary Process Plant Reliability Expert
  64. Rotating Equipment Reliability Expert
  65. Stationary Equipment Reliability Expert
  66. Civil T/A Planning Engineer
  67. Electrical & Instrument O/H Planning Engineering
  68. Electrical T/A Planning Engineer
  69. Instrument T/A Planning Engineer
  70. Mechanical T/A Planning Engineer
  71. Mechanical O/H Planning Engineer
  72. RE O/H Planning Engineer
  73. Assistant Procedure & Master Data Mgmt
  74. Junior Officer Custom Duty & Distribution
  75. Physical Check & Material Code Supervisor
  76. Administration Purchasing Supervisor
  77. Expediting & Adm. Senior Supervisor
  78. Contract Senior Supervisor
  79. OH Material Buyer
  80. System & Procedure Sr Supervisor
  81. Buyer Chemical
  82. Procurement Supervisor
  83. Legal Councel Fuel Distribution & Project Management
  84. Legal Councel Petroleum Product & Business Development
  85. Senior Supervisor, Contract, Litigation & Legal Advice
  86. Legal Councel Crude & Product
  87. Legal Councel Finance & Business Development
  88. Legal Councel Gas & Transportation
  89. Legal Councel General Affairs
  90. Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor General Affairs
  91. Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor Crude & Product
  92. Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor Business Development
  93. Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor Strategic Planning & Subsidiary Mgt
  94. Assistant Manager, Contract & Legal Advisor Supporting
  95. Legal Councel Strategic Planning & Subsidiary Mgt
  96. Legal Councel Supporting
  97. Legal Councel Research & Development
  98. Legal Councel Research & Development
  99. Assistant Manager, Legal Research & Development
  100. Assistant Manager, Legal Information & Documentation System
For applicants who have been doing the registration and / or following the selection process in 2010 / before, but have not received a call to the next stage,please fill out the application again, because the database in 2010 has been closed. Thank you for your attention.
For apply online, please follow this link below :


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