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Lowongan Astra 2010(Exp : December 29)

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010
We are very large and diverse employer which represent 154 different companies and a total of 126.700 employees as at the end of 2009. Being that large we surely need the best and the brightest people who are willing to share their knowledge, skill and energy for the betterment of our company.
One of the most significant advantages working with us is that training and development are part of the professional culture within the Astra workforce. There are also real opportunities for advancement.
Astra Recruitment Centre (ARC) try to find your potential and abilities with a set of selection process. We try to look at you personally and get the complete picture of your competencies, interests, and wishes and meet them to our vacant positions.
Join with us! In line with our Corporate Aim “Prosper with the Nation”, you are not just about to contribute to the success of Astra but also to the future of our nation.
Once on board, the track you take and how far you want to go depends entirely upon you. It’s not just a job…it’s an adventure!
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